Vocational Training


Many developing countries lack access to educational resources, and members of rural communities in these countries face more acute challenges due to the lack of accessibility.

The Caribbean island of Haiti does not have public transportation to connect rural families to educational resources. Without education or training, financial security is far less certain. Haiti has one of the highest unemployment rates (14%) in the Western Hemisphere.

The Venverloh Family Foundation has supported vocational training in southern Haiti through its partnership with non-profit Compassion International.

Jon and Mehridith Venverloh have been involved with the non-profit Compassion International since before they were married, beginning with child sponsorship. 

Compassion International seeks to pull children out of poverty through one-on-one child sponsorship. What started as a practical way to share their blessings transformed the Venverlohs’ perspective as they witnessed the impacts of their sponsorships on the lives of children in poverty. Soon, Jon and Mehridith were sponsoring more than a dozen children across the world and seeking new ways to support Compassion International and make even more impactful contributions. The Venverloh Family Foundation’s donations to the non-profit continue to support numerous life-changing projects across the globe.

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