College Campus Ministry

College years are a transformational time for students educationally, professionally, psychologically and spiritually.

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) is a campus ministry committed to sharing Christ with the world by introducing His love to college students. RUF seeks to serve not only students on college campuses but the universities as a whole through their service.


Athletes in Action (AIA) is a campus ministry that serves the spiritual needs of college athletes that their athletic departments cannot provide. AIA serves and trains athletes in its ministry to be leaders in their faith, both on the field and in their day-to-day lives.

The Venverloh family knows personally what an emotional time college can be, and the critical role faith can and should play during these life-changing years.

Mehridith was deeply involved in student ministry as a college student and believed strongly that college ministry should be a focus of the Venverloh Family Foundation. The Venverloh Family Foundation has proudly supported RUF and AIA at Stanford University, as well as opened their home to Stanford students for baptisms and faith-based gatherings.